Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Light Brown Sugar vs Dark Brown Sugar

Tonight I was at a friends house eating some delicious pumpkin cranberry bread pudding (I believe it was from a weight watchers cookbook). It helped me to remember how wonderful it is to have small groups over to share in the yummy baked goods. I do this often with dinner group, but this was just a random small group of girls and it made my night to just sit and talk about life.

Now a question was brought up while we were there. Is there a different between light and dark brown sugar. So I looked it up. According to Taste of Home, light brown sugar has a "delicate flavor" while dark brown sugar has a "stronger more intense molasses flavor." Does it matter which you use? They say its just depends on what you prefer. ( So sounds like the flavor/color will differ, but the texture/product will be basically the same which ever you use.

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